We truly believe in uncompromised commitment to serve the client: we quickly respond to client demands, ensure cost transparency, deliver clear-cut estimations and solution-oriented advices. Each mandate given to us is implemented in a trustworthy manner and with fruitful outcomes.
For more than thirty years we provide services of unparallel quality in the areas of corporate, commercial contract, food and real estate law in Greece. In addition, we effectively organize and perform legal services for businesses in Cyprus and Serbia.

Charalampos A. Chaldoupis
Dr. jur., Attorney at Law

Born in Piraeus, Greece
Admitted to the Athens Bar in 1982
LL.B., Faculty of Law, Athens, Greece
PhD., Faculty of Law, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Fluent in Greek, English and German

In 1988 I settled in Cologne, Germany providing legal advice and representation services to German and other foreign companies for their operations in Greece.

In 1990 I founded the European Economic Interest Group CHALDOUPIS & PARTNER EWIV for the purpose of promoting and coordinating services in the field of German, Greek and European law. Through this scheme, for more than fifteen years I have been performing legal support mainly to Greek export businesses in Germany.

In 1994 I moved the center of my operations back to Athens. In 1997 I expanded my activities to Cyprus and Serbia.

My practice has long been focused on corporate services, commercial contracts, business litigation, and real estate transactions. Over the time, I developed a particular expertise in the area of food law by acting as legal advisor to domestic and foreign companies in the food production and distribution sector.

I am (co)author of numerous publications especially in regard to commercial contract and food law, the correspondent of European Food and Feed Law Review (EFFL) in Greece, as well as a founding member of Food Lawyers Network Worldwide (FLN).
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