Food Law in Greece & Cyprus


Greek and Cyprus food law represents a significant practice area of ours. For processing food legal cases in both countries, we put an exceptional emphasis on teamwork with specialized food technologists and chemists, as well as on discreet and confidential consultations with the competent authorities especially on those aspects that are controversial and require a high-level assurance of relevant conclusions. For many years we have been constructively cooperating and maintain an excellent relationship with crucial food authorities in Greece and Cyprus.


Our food law services focus, always in line with the applicable EU and international legislation, on specific regulatory requirements and procedures for Greece and Cyprus, are quite comprehensive and concern in particular the following matters:
  • Assessing the marketability / permissibility of new food products or ingredients
  • Arranging the notification of food products
  • Obtaining pre-marketing-authorization for food products
  • Drafting or revising food labeling indications in Greek
  • Advising on legal requirements for food packaging and packaging waste
  • Formulating contractual conditions for food business operations
  • Elaborating a food hygiene & quality assurance system
  • Advising on legal conditions for food advertising
  • Advising on custom and special tax regulations for certain food categories
  • Settling food control & market policy issues raised by authorities
  • Defending food business against administrative measures (seizures, injunctions, recall requests, fines) and criminal offences
  • Defending food business against consumer claims
  • Defending food business against competitor claims
  • Registering and protecting IP rights related to food such as trademarks, utility models, geographical indications and designations of origin
  • Conducting legal support of innovative sales methods in food business
  • Promoting food regulatory interests towards the competent authorities and legislative organs
  • Supporting transnational food law inquiries by covering the markets of Greece and Cyprus


Our cooperation with specialized law offices and food experts within and outside EU, especially our participation in Food Lawyers Network Worldwide (FLN), enables us to provide efficient, highly competent and well-coordinated support to food business operators developing activities in other jurisdictions.

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